Lifetime of patch formed by End3-GFP in endocytic pathway

Value 30.2 sec Range: ±4.2 sec
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Kaksonen M, Toret CP, Drubin DG. A modular design for the clathrin- and actin-mediated endocytosis machinery. Cell. 2005 Oct 21 123(2):305-20.PubMed ID16239147
Method TIRF microscopy and epifluorescence. Researchers quantitatively analyzed the spatial and temporal localization of the C-terminal GFP fusions of each protein expressed from its endogenous locus
Comments End3-GFP initially formed an immotile patch that later moved about 200 nm toward the cell center while it was dissipating (Figures 3B and 3C). The onset of the inward movement corresponded with the arrival of Abp1-RFP at the End3-GFP patch (Figure 3D). Thus, End3p behaves like Sla1p, Pan1p, and Sla2p (Kaksonen et al., 2003). Since these proteins move like clathrin, they are likely associated with the vesicle coat.
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