Lifetime of patch formed by Bbc1-GFP endocytic pathway

Value 9.6 sec Range: ±1.1 sec
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Kaksonen M, Toret CP, Drubin DG. A modular design for the clathrin- and actin-mediated endocytosis machinery. Cell. 2005 Oct 21123(2):305-20.Click here to readPubMed ID16239147
Method TIRF microscopy and epifluorescence. Researchers quantitatively analyzed the spatial and temporal localization of the C-terminal GFP fusions of each protein expressed from its endogenous locus
Comments Bbc1-GFP patches had a short lifetime of 9.6 ± 1.1 s and stayed immotile at the cell surface throughout their lifetime
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