Growth rate of E. coli on different carbon substrates

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Andersen, K. and K von Meyenburg. Are growth rates of Escherichia coli in batch cultures limited by respiration? J Bacteriology 1980. 144(1):114-123. p.117 table 2PubMed ID6998942
Method P.114 right column 2nd paragraph: "Cell density and specific growth rate: The cell density (X) was measured as the absorbance at 450 nm (A450). Dense cultures were diluted to give readings below 0.4. The values were converted to bacterial dry weight (dw), using the factor 190 mg/liter A450. This conversion factor was obtained in the following way. Culture samples were filtered onto preweighed filters (Sartorius membrane filter 0.45µm). The filters were then washed with 1 M HCOOH, dried at 105 ˚C, and reweighed. The value showed only a slight variation between culture conditions. The specific growth rate, k, was defined according to the formula X(t) = Xoe^kt and was calculated from semilogarithmic plots of cell density."
Comments P.118 left column top paragraph: "In general, Ysc [Growth yield on substrate carbon] values were lower for cultures with low specific rates of growth (Table 2). This initially surprising relationship turned out to be consistent with the finding that Qo2 was almost identical for these batch cultures growing with quite different specific growth rates (Table 2), as is explained below." Lowest specific growth rate (k) value 0.21/hour (doubling time 3hours 18min)on glycolate or acetate as single carbon source. Highest value 1.26/hour (doubling time 33 min) on Glucose/casein hydrolysate (doubling times calculated according to t=ln2/k). See also BNID 102533, 103391, 102096, 104331, 104332, 101905 (left column of table link) BNID 103 514
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