Simulation parameters of the (microtubule and dynein) gliding assay [to be approved once article is peer-reviewd]

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Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Kunalika Jain, Neha Khetan, Chaitanya A. Athale, 'Switch-like' transition from random to directed motility of microtubules by a yeast dynein, Biorxiv 2017, doi: link p.24 table 1
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Comments P.14 2nd paragraph: "The model of microtubule and motor mechanics is based on previous reports (refs 34, 63-67). Specific aspects that were modified from previous work are described in the following sections. Parameters were taken from previous reports of experimental measurements, where available, and in their absence reasonable estimates were made (Table 1)." P.16 4th paragraph: "2D simulations were performed using Cytosim, a C++ based Langevin dynamics simulation engine (ref 64). Space was modeled as a square simulation box with periodic boundary conditions. The integration time was chosen to be smaller than the fastest time-scale (Table 1). The system consists of MT [microtubule] filaments of a fixed length (L) and a fixed number of motors determined by the density (ρm). Both filaments and motors were randomly distributed in simulation space at the time of initialization."
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