Specific growth rate of Prochlorococcus in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean

Range 0.3-0.6 1/day
Organism Prochlorococcus
Reference MV Zubkov, Faster growth of the major prokaryotic versus eukaryotic CO2 fixers in the oligotrophic ocean. Nature Communications 5:3776 (2014) doi:10.1038/ncomms4776 p.3 right column top paragraphPubMed ID24777140
Method 14C
Comments P.3 right column top paragraph: "The growth rates of Pro in the EQ (0.3–0.6/d) are similar to Pro growth rates determined at the base of the photic layer in the Sargasso Sea (ref 30) and in agreement with rates of up to one doubling per day, determined in the equatorial Pacific using cell cycle analysis (ref 25). The mean growth rates of Syn in the ST and Pro in the EQ+SG were, respectively, three and two times higher than the mean growth rates of Pl-L or Pl-S (Supplementary Fig. 6). Therefore, the growth rates of both cyanobacteria in all regions studied were significantly higher than the growth rates of the smallest plastidic protists."
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