Respiratory cost for fast growing grass

Value 2.8 mmole ATP/((g dry weight)×day)
Organism Grass Dactylis glomerata
Reference Scheurwater I, Dünnebacke M, Eising R, Lambers H. Respiratory costs and rate of protein turnover in the roots of a fast-growing (Dactylis glomerata L.) and a slow-growing (Festuca ovina L.) grass species. J Exp Bot. 2000 Jun51(347):1089-97PubMed ID10948236
Method Pulse-chase labelling with 14C-leucine was used to determine the rate of protein turnover in the grass roots.
Comments Assuming specific respiratory costs for protein turnover of 148 mmol ATP g-1 protein. This value is similar to respiratory cost of slow growing grass (2.4 mmole ATP/((g dry weight)*day), bion 103664)
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