Hudson river water residence time and concentrations of NO3 (nitrate) and PO4 (phosphate)

Range residence time ~100 days: [NO3] >50µM: [PO4] 0.1-1.0µM
Organism Biosphere
Reference Roland, F., & Cole, J. J. (1999). Regulation of bacterial growth efficiency in a large turbid estuary. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 20(1), 31-328 link p.32 left column 4th paragraph
Primary Source Cole JJ, Caraco NF, Peierls BL (1992) Can phytoplankton maintain a positive carbon balance in a turbid, freshwater, tidal estuary? Lirnnol Oceanogr 37(8):1608-1617 link
Comments P.32 left column 4th paragraph: "Since the freshwater input to this river is relatively low compared to its volume, the water residence time is long. Highest inputs of freshwater occur in March and April and lowest inputs are between August and September (Cooper et al. 1988). During the summer period the average water residence time is ~100 d. The water is nutrient-rich with NO3 concentrations usually >50µM and PO4 concentrations varying seasonally between 0.1 and 1µM (primary source)."
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