Fraction of bacterial secondary production (BP) out of planktonic primary production

Range 20 - 30 %
Organism Biosphere
Reference Roland, F., & Cole, J. J. (1999). Regulation of bacterial growth efficiency in a large turbid estuary. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 20(1), 31-328 link p.31 left column
Primary Source Cole JJ, Findlay SEG, Pace ML (1988) Bacterial production in fresh and saltwater ecosystems: a cross-system overview. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 43: 1-10 link
Comments P.31 left column: "In pelagic ecosystems, bacteria process a large amount of the organic C that enters from either photosynthesis or allochthonous inputs. Among systems, bacterial secondary production (BP) averages 20 to 30% of planktonic primary production and is as large as the secondary production of all zooplankton (primary source)."
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