Turnover time of cells in mucous units of the pyloric antrum

Range pit cells ~3: gland cells ~1 - 60 days
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Karam SM, Lineage commitment and maturation of epithelial cells in the gut. Front Biosci. 1999 Mar 15 4: D286-98. p.286 left column, p.292 left column 5th paragraph & right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID10077541
Primary Source [29] S.M. Karam & CP Leblond: Dynamics of epithelial cells in the corpus of the mouse stomach. I. Identification of proliferative cell types and pinpointing of the stem cell. Anat Rec 236, 259-79 (1993) [57] E.R. Lee: Dynamic histology of the antral epithelium in the mouse stomach: III. Ultrastructure and renewal of pit cells. Am J Anat 172, 225-40 (1985) [58] E.R. Lee & C.P. Leblond: Dynamic histology of the antral epithelium in the mouse stomach: IV. Ultrastructure and renewal of gland cells. Am J Anat 172, 241-59 (1985)PubMed ID8338232, 3993598, 3993599
Comments P.286 left column:"The mucous units of the pyloric antrum are populated by pit cells which migrate outwards and gland cells which migrate inwards their turnover times are about 3 and 1-60 days, respectively." P.292 left column 5th paragraph:"These cells are located in the pit region, and represent about 180 cells per pit-gland unit. The mode of migration and structural features of these cells are similar to those in the oxyntic epithelium (primary source 29). They also have the same turnover time (3 days, primary source 57)." P.292 right column 2nd paragraph:"The isthmus of each mucous unit produces about 12 gland cells per day by differentiation of pre-gland cells. Gland cells also retain some mitotic activity which gradually diminishes toward the gland bottom. Thus, a total of 29 gland cells are added daily to the gland cell population. Gland cells migrate inward to the gland bottom in a gradually decreasing rate. The average time spent by a gland cell in the neck region is about 10 hr and in the base region, about 200 hr. This pattern of gland cell renewal is known as "cascade" pattern of cell renewal. Therefore, the overall turnover time of gland cells is highly variable, from 1 to 60 days (primary source 58)."
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