Time relationships of the proliferative response to injury in epidermis

Range Table - link hours or days
Organism Mammals
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 1 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 p.374 table 10.1
Primary Source Modified after Fowler J. & Denekamp J. (1976) Regulation of epidermal stem cells. In Stem cells of renewing cell populations (ed. A. B. Cairnie, P. K. Lala, and D. G. Osmond) pp. 117-134. Academic Press, New York. See pointers to refs on left of table
Comments For abbreviations "IS", "IM" in top row of table see - tinyurl link . "Other methods of removing the stratum corneum, such as rubbing it with sandpaper, or simple stimulation of mouse epidermis by rubbing manually, produce an earlier onset of proliferative activity (Bertsch et al. 1976: and see table 10.1)."
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