Kinetic parameters in the large intestinal crypts of experimental animals

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Organism Rodent
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 2 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 pp.678-679 table 18.10
Primary Source Sunter et al., A comparison of cell proliferation of different sites in the large bowel of the mouse J Anat. 1979 Dec129(Pt 4):833-42. & Sunter et al., Cell proliferation at different sites along the length of the rat colon. Virchows Arch B Cell Pathol Incl Mol Pathol. 1979 Dec32(1):75-87 & Sunter (1980) Experimental carcinogenesis and cancer in the rodent gut. In Cell proliferation in the gastrointestinal tract (ed. Appleton, Sunter & Watson) pp. 255-277. Pitman Medical, London & Sunter (1981) Cell proliferation studies on normal, carcinogenic-damaged and neoplastic intestinal epithelia. MD thesis, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.PubMed ID536318, 45155
Comments For abbreviations in top row of table and paragraph below see - tinyurl link . "Sunter (primary sources) has carried out the most systematic analysis of this parameter [cell cycle time], its site variation, and also its intracryptal variation. In the rat descending colon the whole crypt TC is 58 hours, with a progressive fall to 25 hours in the caecum, again with a tendency for caecal values, at least in the rat, to be closer to those of the small intestine (table 18.10)."
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