Average turnover rate of individual stress fibres (actin) as measured by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching

Range ≈10 min
Organism Chicken Gallus gallus
Reference Theriot JA, Mitchison TJ. Actin microfilament dynamics in locomoting cells. Nature. 1991 Jul 11 352(6331):126-31. doi:10.1038/352126a0 p.128 right column top paragraphPubMed ID2067574
Primary Source Kreis TE, Geiger B, Schlessinger J. Mobility of microinjected rhodamine actin within living chicken gizzard cells determined by fluorescence photobleaching recovery. Cell. 1982 Jul29(3):835-45.PubMed ID6891291
Method FRAP, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching
Comments "The average turnover rate [3.8 min BNID 109824] is consistent with the rate in fibroblasts measured by incorporation of fluorescently labelled actin after injection (3.3 to 4.0min, BNID 109825), but is faster than the rate measured by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching about 10 min (primary source)." Primary source investigated living embryonic chicken gizzard cells.
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ID 109826