Mean values of parameters for cells during exponential and synchronous growth in two minimal salts media

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Kubitschek HE. Increase in cell mass during the division cycle of Escherichia coli B/rA. J Bacteriol. 1986 Nov168(2):613-8. p.617 table 3PubMed ID3536854
Method A modified Coulter counter multichannel analyzer system. In exponentially growing cultures, the doubling time (T) was calculated for each experiment from regressions fitted to the logarithm of the observed values for increasing turbidity, mean cell volume (V) was determined from observed cell volume distributions, and mean cell mass (M) was determined as the product of the mean cell volume and the observed mean buoyant density (?). In synchronous cultures, doubling times were determined from increases in both mean cell volume and cell number.
Comments MSGT medium=(M9 salts, 20 g of sucrose and 4 g of glucose per liter, and 0.01% Hoagland trace element salt solution [1] without selenium). MSGT-CAA medium=(MSGT medium with Casamino Acids [1 g/liter] added). E. coli B/rA (ATCC 12407). Range of volumes of 1.0-1.6µm^3 given in table.
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