Concentrations and free energy corrections of metabolites in photosynthesizing and respiring C. pyrenoidosa

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Organism Green algae Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Reference Bassham JA, Krause GH. Free energy changes and metabolic regulation in steady-state photosynthetic carbon reduction. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1969 Oct 21 189(2):207-21. p.210-211 table 1PubMed ID5350447
Method The steady-state concentrations of intermediates of the carbon reduction cycle were determined by measuring in vivo the incorporation of 14[C02] into the individual intermediate compounds. The given data were obtained from two experiments with air-adapted C. pyrenoidosa described previously (Krause et al., 1969 PMID 4305698)
Comments See notes under (the 2 page) table.
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