Concentration of Plancomycetes bacteria in P3 alkaline compartment of hindgut

Value 2.6e+9 cells/ml
Organism Termite Cubitermes spp
Reference Köhler T, Stingl U, Meuser K, Brune A. Novel lineages of Planctomycetes densely colonize the alkaline gut of soil-feeding termites (Cubitermes spp.). Environ Microbiol. 2008 May10(5):1260-70PubMed ID18279348
Method Researchers investigated the diversity and abundance of Planctomycetes in the gut of Cubitermes spp. using several complementary approaches. As the highest proportion of planctomycetes was present in the moderately alkaline P3 segment (Fig. 1 Schmitt-Wagner et al., 2003a), researchers analysed the planctomycete diversity in this compartment in detail using a 16S rRNA gene clone library obtained with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primer set selective for Planctomycetes, many Verrucomicrobia and Chlamydia (PLA-40F/1492R Derakshani et al. 2001). Based on this library, they characterized the distribution of planctomycete phylotypes along the gut axis using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) analysis. The abundance of planctomycetes in the different gut compartments was determined by FISH, using group-specific oligonucleotide probes developed for the novel, termite-specific clusters.
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