Volume of chloroplast

Value 31 µm^3
Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Zellnig G, Zechmann B, Perktold A. Morphological and quantitative data of plastids and mitochondria within drought-stressed spinach leaves. Protoplasma. 2004 Jun223(2-4):221-7.PubMed ID15221528
Method Selected cell organelles were investigated at a high level of resolution with the transmission electron microscope, using ultrathin serial sections to create three-dimensional reconstructions.
Comments Note- in Lawlor, D. W, Photosynthesis: molecular, physiological, and environmental processes, 3rd edition BIOS scientific publishers limited 2001 p.56 table 4.1, 'A semi quantitative analysis in an 'average' C3 plant leaf', a value of 33µm^3 is given, taking the chloroplast as a hemisphere with a diameter of 5µm.
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