Vmax and Ea of PPDK M. giganteus and maize from crude leaf extracts

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Reference Wang D, Portis AR Jr, Moose SP, Long SP. Cool C4 photosynthesis: pyruvate Pi dikinase expression and activity corresponds to the exceptional cold tolerance of carbon assimilation in Miscanthus x giganteus. Plant Physiol. 2008 Sep148(1):557-67PubMed ID18539777
Method PPDK activity was calculated from the change in absorbance and the extinction coefficient of NADH (6,221 uL/umol/cm), accounting for the stoichiometry of the reactions linking each enzyme from NADH to CO2: i.e. 1 mol of PEP is consumed for each mol of NADH and 1 mol of bicarbonate for each of PEP. The maximum enzyme activity was reported as Vmax for PEP formation. To calculate the Ea, Log Vmax versus the inverse of the measuring temperature (K) times 1,000 was plotted (Arrhenius plot), and the slope of the line determined by linear regression (Origin 7.0).
Comments Table gives Vmax and Ea of PPDK Miscanthus giganteus and maize from crude leaf extracts (n = 5 replicate plants) and from E. coli (n = 3 independent transformations) into which the genes from each species had been cloned
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