Fraction of glutathione as glutathione disulfide GSSG out of glutathione equivalents in cytosol

Value 4 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Hansen RE, Roth D, Winther JR. Quantifying the global cellular thiol-disulfide status. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 Jan 13 106(2):422-7. Table 2PubMed ID19122143
Method Using a genetically encoded glutathione-specific redox probe the concentrations of GSH and GSSG in cytosol of HEK and HeLa cells have been estimated
Comments In terms of distribution of glutathione equivalents there were no significant differences between HEK and HeLa cells with GSSG levels constituting ˜4.5% of the total GS equivalents (Table 2). However, the absolute levels of glutathione were ˜30% higher in HeLa cells than in HEK cells (Fig. 3B). A higher oxidative load on HeLa cells could lead to an up-regulation of glutathione synthesis, because glutathione have been suggested to function as an antioxidant in the ER, consuming excess oxidizing equivalents followed by export of GSSG (18). Note that in Table 2 values for GSSG are ~9 percent, a value of ~4.5 percent obtained by taking 2 GS in every GSSG
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