Mid-point and redox potentials for various biological molecules

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Reference Nicholls, D and Ferguson, S. Bioenergetics 3. Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier Science. 2002. p.43 table 3.2
Comments "The standard redox potential at a pH other than zero is more negative than E°, the difference being 2.3RT/F(m/n) mV per pH unit. This corresponds to -60mV/pH when m=n and -30mV/pH when m=1 and n=2 (Table 3.2). Note that the potentials are still calculated relative to the standard hydrogen electrode at pH=0." "In the case of the mitochondrion, Eh,7 for the NADH/NAD+ couple is about -280mV and Eh,7 for the O2/H20 couple is +780mV (note these values differ slightly from the mid-point potentials shown in Table 3.2 because the NADH/NAD+ ratio in the matrix is only about 0.1 and because oxygen comprises only 20% of air)."
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