Total reported fisheries catches for the oceanic gyre systems

Range ~3e+11 g C/year
Organism Biosphere
Reference del Giorgio PA, Duarte CM. Respiration in the open ocean. Nature. 2002 Nov 28 420(6914):379-84 DOI: 10.1038/nature01165 p.381 left column 5th paragraphPubMed ID12459775
Primary Source [46] Pauly, D. & Christensen, V. Primary production required to sustain global fisheries. Nature 374, 255–257 (1995)
Comments P.381 left column 5th paragraph: "The total reported fisheries catches amount to approximately 0.3 × 10^12 g C/ yr for the oceanic gyre systems (primary source). The total fish production can be approximated assuming that the catch represents 20% of the total fish production (primary source), which would then amount to 0.0015 Gt C/yr. Assuming fish respiration to be 9-fold greater than their production, an estimate of only 0.0135 Gt C/yr is derived, far below the estimated planktonic respiration in the open ocean and of little significance at a global scale."
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