Ratio of anaerobic/aerobic bacteria in faeces

Value 1000 anaerobes/aerobes
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference A. Lidbeck and C. E. Nord, Lactobacilli, Normal Human Microflora and Antimicrobial Treatment, chapter 6 in Human Health: The Contribution of Microorganisms, Edited by S. A. W. Gibson, Springer-Verlag 1994 link , p.96 3rd paragraph
Comments P.96 3rd paragraph: "The faecal microflora of children appears to resemble the adult flora by the age of one year. The numbers of aerobic microorganisms have decreased and anaerobes, particularly Bacteroides and Lactobacillus, become predominant in the faecal flora (Ellis-Pregler et al. 1975). At the age of 4-8 years, the microflora resembles that of adults. The same numbers of lactobacilli are seen as in adults and the ratio of anaerobic bacteria to aerobic bacteria is 1000: 1." See comments section of BNID 112843
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