Membrane tension and pressure within cells-milestones and experimental data

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Reference Peyronnet R, Tran D, Girault T, Frachisse JM. Mechanosensitive channels: feeling tension in a world under pressure. Front Plant Sci. 2014 Oct 21 5: 558. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00558. p.9 figure 4PubMed ID25374575
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Comments P.8 left column top paragraph: "In addition to the contribution of their structural elements, the mechanical properties of cells largely depend on osmotic pressure commonly in the range of 2,300–6,800 mm Hg (0.3–0.9 MPa) in growing cells (BNID 112701) and estimated at up to 75,000–375,000 mm Hg (10–50 MPa) for wall tensile stresses. To bring these values into context and help realize how peculiar the mechanical environment is in plants, [investigators] have illustrated some pressures recorded in plant cells with regard to some milestones and pressures used in electrophysiology to activate MS [mechanosensitive] channels. As tension rather than pressure activates MS channels, [they] have also illustrated tensions even if very little data has been available in the literature until now (Figure 4)."
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