Estimated amount of DNA transduced by phages in ocean

Range 10^25 to 10^28 bp of DNA/year
Organism Biosphere
Reference Rohwer F, Edwards R. The Phage Proteomic Tree: a genome-based taxonomy for phage. J Bacteriol. 2002 Aug184(16):4529-35. p.4529 left column top paragraphPubMed ID12142423
Primary Source [34] Jiang, S. C., and J. H. Paul. 1998. Gene transfer by transduction in the marine environment. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 64: 2780-2787. [50] Paul, J. H. 1999. Microbial gene transfer: an ecological perspective. J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 1: 45-50.PubMed ID9687430, 10941783
Comments P.4529 left column top paragraph: "Phage are also major conduits of genetic exchange, transducing an estimated 10^25 to 10^28 bp of DNA per year in the world’s oceans (primary sources)."
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