Diffusion coefficient of nuclear mRNAs in oocyte

Range corralled diffusion 0.02µm^2/sec: random diffusion 0.09µm^2/sec µm^2/sec
Organism Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Reference Halstead JM et al., An RNA biosensor for imaging the first round of translation from single cells to living animals. Science. 2015 Mar 20 347(6228):1367-671. doi: 10.1126/science.aaa3380. p.1368 middle columnPubMed ID25792328
Method Abstract:"[Investigators] have developed a fluorescence microscopy technique that reports on the first translation events of individual mRNA molecules." Single-particle tracking (SPT)
Comments P.1368 middle column:"Although translation is thought to occur exclusively in the cytoplasm, recent studies suggest that protein synthesis can occur in the nucleus (refs 9, 10). Because the TRICK [translating RNA imaging by coat protein knock-off] assay can distinguish between untranslated and translated mRNAs, [investigators] imaged TRICK reporter mRNAs in the nucleus 30 min after ponA [ponasterone A ] induction. Single-particle tracking (SPT) of nuclear mRNAs determined that they undergo both corralled (D = 0.02 μm^2/s) and random diffusion (D = 0.09 μm^2/s), similar to the movements observed for other nuclear mRNAs (refs 11, 12)."
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