Time of mRNA translocation from the nucleus, mRNA diffusion coefficient & translocation velocity in human U2OS cells

Range translocation time 1sec: diffusion coefficient ~0.2-0.6µm^2/sec: translocation velocity 0.65µm/sec
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Grünwald D, Singer RH, Rout M. Nuclear export dynamics of RNA-protein complexes. Nature. 2011 Jul 20 475(7356):333-41. doi: 10.1038/nature10318. p.337 right column bottom paragraph to p.338 left columnPubMed ID21776079
Primary Source Mor, A. et al. Dynamics of single mRNP nucleocytoplasmic transport and export through the nuclear pore in living cells. Nature Cell Biol. 12, 543–552 (2010). doi: 10.1038/ncb2056.PubMed ID20453848
Method Primary source p.543 right column bottom paragraph:"To characterize in vivo export kinetics at the single mRNP level, and to understand the relative temporal contribution of export to the total kinetics of nucleocytoplasmic translocation, [investigators] established a mammalian cell system harbouring stably integrated genes that enabled the tracking of single mRNPs from the time of transcription and during nuclear transport and export."
Comments P.337 right column bottom paragraph to p.338 left column:"This detailed picture of mRNA export complements that described previously [primary source], in which a model RNA was transiently expressed and its movement traced in the nucleoplasm and during translocation using single-molecule tracking. The translocation time was estimated to be 1 s, based on the data acquisition rate of 1-s time intervals. On the basis of statistical analysis of single-molecule tracking data, a diffusion coefficient of ~0.2–0.6 μm^2/sec was calculated, and the translocation velocity given as 0.65 μm/sec." Please note: primary source gives diffusion coefficients 1-2 orders of magnitude lower, see BNID 105651
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