Calculated intrinsic bond energies and association constants

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Reference Erickson HP. Co-operativity in protein-protein association. The structure and stability of the actin filament. J Mol Biol. 1989 Apr 5 206(3):465-74. p.469 table 1PubMed ID2716058
Method Abstract:"A theoretical framework for calculating the effect of co-operativity is developed here, which should have a broad application to protein-protein and protein-DNA associations."
Comments p.469 left column bottom paragraph:"The calculated intrinsic bond energies and association constants for all four reactions are given in Table 1. The power of co-operativity is reflected in the enormous increase in the association constant with an arithmetic increase in intrinsic bond energy. The reason is that the same ?GS = 7 kcal/ mol is subtracted from each intrinsic bond energy, and the net free energy involves the exponential of this difference (eqns (1) and (2))."
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