Stoichiometries of photons, electrons, protons and ATP in photosynthetic reactions at maximum efficiency

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Organism Plants
Reference Raven, J. a, Beardall, J., & Giordano, M. (2014). Energy costs of carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms in aquatic organisms. Photosynthesis Research, 121(2-3), 111–24. doi:10.1007/s11120-013-9962-7 p.112 table 1PubMed ID24390639
Comments "The efficiency of transfer of excitation energy from the chromophore that absorbed the photon to the reaction centre is very high (Collins et al. 2010 Hossein-Nejad et al. 2011 Hildner et al. 2011). The photon yield of primary photochemistry is one electron per absorbed photon in PSI and <0.8 electrons per absorbed photon in PSII (Falkowski and Raven 2007 Johnsen and Sakshaug 2007 Hogewoning et al. 2012) therefore, the reduction of two NADP+ and production of one O2 need at least 4+(4/0.8) = 9 photons (Table 1)."
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