Capsid diameter

Value 58 nm
Organism Bacteriophage T7
Reference Serwer P, Hayes SJ, Moreno ET, Park CY. A small (58-nm) attached sphere perturbs the sieving of 40-80-kilobase DNA in 0.2-2.5% agarose gels: analysis of bacteriophage T7 capsid-DNA complexes by use of pulsed field electrophoresis. Biochemistry. 1992 Sep 15 31(36):8397-405. p.8397 abstractPubMed ID1390624
Comments "...the icosahedral bacteriophage T7 capsid has a diameter (58 nm)..." "The pores in which T7 capsid-DNA complexes arrest must be smaller than 58 nm, the diameter of a T7 capsid (Stroud, R. M., Serwer, P., & Ross, M. J. (1981) Biophys. J. 36, 743-757 PMID: 7326332)."
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