Typical duration of latent period of tailed phages

Range 40-60 minutes
Organism Various
Reference Uchiyama J, Rashel M, Maeda Y, Takemura I, Sugihara S, Akechi K, Muraoka A, Wakiguchi H, Matsuzaki S. Isolation and characterization of a novel Enterococcus faecalis bacteriophage phiEF24C as a therapeutic candidate. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2008 Jan278(2):200-6.PubMed ID18096017
Primary Source Ackermann HW & DuBow MS (1987) Viruses of Prokaryotes Volume I General Properties of Bacteriophages. CRC Press, FL.
Comments Medians of latent period and burst size in tailed phage are typically 40–60 min and 50–100, respectively
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