Comparison of chlorphyll fluorescence-emission characteristics between the lower and upper leaf surfaces

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Organism Various
Reference Björkman O. & Demmig B. (1987) Photon yield of O2 evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics at 77K among vascular plants of diverse origins. Planta 170, 489–504.
Method Fluorescence measurements. These were made at 77 K with an apparatus similar to that described by Powles and Bjorkman (1982). The new apparatus was designed for field use and differs from the previous one in the following respects: it is capable of simultaneous measurements of fluorescence at 692 nm and 734nm the design is much more compact and lighter the power consumption is much lower (20-30 W in total) the new electronic circuitry permits operation in the field from a conventional 12-V lead-acid battery, and less than one-half of the amount of liquid N 2 is consumed per run (approx. 150 ml).
Comments At 77 degrees Kelvin
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