Photon yield of Oxygen evolution on basis of absorbed light in C3 plants

Value 0.106 Oxygen molecules/photon Range: ±0.001 Table - link Oxygen molecules/photon
Organism Various
Reference Björkman O. & Demmig B. (1987) Photon yield of O2 evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics at 77K among vascular plants of diverse origins. Planta 170, 489–504. DOI: 10.1007/BF00402983
Method Many of the photon-yield and fluorescence determinations on plants grown in their native habitats were made in North Queensland, Australia, during the period from May through October 1983. Rates of photosynthetic 02 exchange were measured at 25.0degrees C and CO2 saturation with a system incorporating a leaf-disc electrode (Model LD-2 Hansatech, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK) designed by Delieu and Walker (1981, 1983), and a fan-cooled quartz-lamp housing, designed and built in this laboratory.
Comments For 37 C3 plants. See BNID 104650, 104651
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