Number of 40S ribosomal protein S9 in a logarithmically growing yeast cell

Value 315000 oligomers/cell
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Raue U, Oellerer S, Rospert S. Association of protein biogenesis factors at the yeast ribosomal tunnel exit is affected by the translational status and nascent polypeptide sequence. J Biol Chem. 2007 Mar 16282(11):7809-16 Table - link PubMed ID17229726
Method Construction of Plasmids,Purification of His6-tagged Standard Proteins,Determination of Protein Concentrations,Antibodies and Immunoblotting Procedures,Quantification of Ribosomes and RPBs in Yeast Cells,In Vitro Transcription and Translation,Cross-linking of Nascent Polypeptides to RPBs,Purification of FLAG-tagged RNCs under Native Conditions,Generation of Non-translating and Translating Ribosomes
Comments 220000 Rps9 subunits/cell
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