Diffusion coefficient of nanospheres in the nucleus of Swiss 3T3 fibroblast mouse embryonic cell

Value 4e-4 µm^2/sec
Organism Mammalian tissue culture cell
Reference Görisch SM, Lichter P, Rippe K. Mobility of multi-subunit complexes in the nucleus: accessibility and dynamics of chromatin subcompartments.Histochem Cell Biol. 2005 Mar123(3):217-28 Table - link PubMed ID15830242
Primary Source Tseng Y, Lee JS, Kole TP, Jiang I, Wirtz D. Micro-organization and visco-elasticity of the interphase nucleus revealed by particle nanotracking. J Cell Sci. 2004 Apr 15117(Pt 10):2159-67.PubMed ID15090601
Method (Primary source) Through the use of particle nanotracking, researchers detect and quantify the micro-organization as well as the viscoelastic properties of the intranuclear region in single, live, interphase somatic cells.
Comments Diameter of nanosphere 100 nm. The value of D was determined from MSD (mean square displacement) measurements at times from 3 s to 10 s. Table gives corral size 'rc'-The size of the region in which a given particle or the chromatin locus can translocate its centre of mass during an observation time of up to a few minutes, defined by a circle with radius rc, and the diffusion coefficient within the corral. Corral radius=150 nm
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