Oxidized glutathione GSSG concentration in blood

Range 2-6 uM
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Rossi R, Blood glutathione disulfide: in vivo factor or in vitro artifact? Clin Chem. 2002 May48(5):742-53.PubMed ID11978601
Method Researcehers measured GSH and GSSG using a spectrophotometer with a modification of the GSH recycling method the same samples were also measured by reversed-phase HPLC after derivatization of thiols (dithiothreitol was used to reduce disulfides) with monobromobimane. The thiol-bimane adduct was measured by a fluorescence detector.
Comments GSSG is present in healthy human blood at low concentrations (2-6 micromol/L), and most published data on GSSG may be affected by artifacts, causes of several artifacts are listed in paper. For blood concentration of GSH please see BNID 102529
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