Gas constant

Value 8.31451 Pa×m^3/(K×mol)
Organism constants
Reference David R. Lide. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 84th Edition. CRC Press 2003.
Primary Source Mohr, Peter J., Taylor, Barry N., J Phys Chem. Ref. Data 28, No. 6, 1999 Rev. Mod. Phys. 72, No. 2, 2000.
Comments The gas constant, usually denoted by symbol R, occurs in the ideal gas law, as follows: pV=nRT where 'p' is the absolute pressure, 'T' is absolute temperature, 'V' is the volume the gas occupies, 'n' is the amount of gas (usually in moles). The units are Pascal (pressure)×m^3(volume)/(Degrees Kelvin (Temperature)×moles(amount))
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