Minimal generation time

Value 9.8 Minutes
Organism Bacteria Vibrio natriegens
Reference R. G. Eagon, Pseudomonas natriegens, a marine bacterium with a generation time of less than 10 minutes, J Bacteriol. 1962 Apr83 :736-7. p.736, right columnPubMed ID13888946
Method The microorganisms were cultivated on rotary shakers in Ryan flasks containing 15 ml of media. Growth was estimated turbidimetrically at 650nm, using a Coleman Junior spectrophotometer and a light path of 1.5 cm. One loopful of a stationary-phase culture was used as the inoculum.
Comments Optimal growth occurred at 37°C in brain heart infusion broth supplemented with 1.5% sea salt.
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