Calculated concentration of total protein/cell in exponential phase on glucose medium, mass doubling time of 40 min

Value 4 mM
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Calculated according to Primary Source. Please see Measurement Method
Primary Source Neidhardt F.C. Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology. Vol 1. ASM Press 1996. Table- link
Method Calculated for an average cell of E. coli B/r in balanced growth at 37°C in aerobic glucose minimal medium with a 40 minute mass doubling time. Calculated from number of proteins per cell of 2.35×10^6 (see BNID 102 990 and table link in Primary Source) and Avogadro's constant=~6×10^23 particles/mole (BNID 101907) and assuming cell volume of ~1µm^3=10^-15 liter (BNID 100 004). (2.35×10^6 proteins/cell)/[(6×10^23proteins/mole)×(10^-15 liter/cell)]=~4×10^-3M
Comments Please see BNID 104 678 for Total observed intracellular metabolite pool of 300 mM
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