Volume of nucleus of Hela cell

Value 374 µm^3 Range: Table - link µm^3
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Maul GG, Deaven L. Quantitative determination of nuclear pore complexes in cycling cells with differing DNA content. J Cell Biol. 1977 Jun73(3):748-60. p.752 Table 1PubMed ID406262
Method HeLa, mouse L, and CHO cells were grown in suspension culture. Their nuclei appeared mostly round. The long and short axes of these nuclei were averaged, and the surface and volume were calculated as if the nuclei were spheres.
Comments For HeLa cell nucleus volume of 690 um^3 see BNID 104716. For HeLa cell volume of 4400-5000 and 760-2730um^3 see BNID 103 719 and 103 725, respectively. Taking value above and means of these values gives fraction of HeLa nucleus volume out of total cellular volume of 8% - 21%.
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