Carbon content per cell (mean of 5 marine and 5 non-marine species)

Range marine 28.562fg/cell: non marine 23.922fg/cell Table - link fg/cell
Organism bacteria
Reference Marc Trousselier, Marc Bouvy, Claude Courties, Dupuy Christine, Variation of carbon content among bacterial species under starvation condition, aquatic Microb Ecol, Vol 13: 113-119.1997 p.117 table 2
Method Abstract: "Carbon content per cell (Cc) and per volume (Cv) were estimated from total cell number, particulate organic carbon and cell volume (V) measurements after 0, 7, 15 and 28 d of starvation. While Cc appeared to be rather constant (26.02±1.08 fg C/cell mean±standard error, n = 50) during starvation, Cv showed a significant increase."
Comments P.113 right column 3rd paragraph: "In the present study, [investigators] measured Cc and Cv values for 5 marine and 5 non-marine strains exposed to nutritional deprivation, to evaluate (1) the differences in conversion factors among different bacterial strains, (2) the effect of starvation conditions on these factors, and (3) the relationship between these factors and cell volume."
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