Fraction of PAR ("photosynthetically active" radiation) which is made into photochemical use

Range ≤1 - 2 % of PAR
Organism Biosphere
Reference Körner C (2013) Plant-environment interactions. Chapter 12, pp.1065-1166 in: Bresinsky et al. (eds) Strasburger's plant sciences. Springer Berlin Heidelberg p.1066 right column bottom paragraph
Comments P.1066 right column bottom paragraph: "Energy Balance and Microclimate: In principle, there are four ways for a leaf to “dissipate” the energy load resulting from the absorbed radiation: (1) thermal radiation (see above), (2) photochemical use of the energy (at most 1–2% of PAR), (3) evaporative loss of water (E), and (4) energy loss by heat convection (H-dissipation of energy by mass transport by the surrounding air). During the day, only the latter two components are of importance for the energy balance of the leaf (Q)."
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