Fraction of radiation balance that is transmitted to leaf

Range <1 %
Organism Plants
Reference Körner C (2013) Plant-environment interactions. Chapter 12, pp.1065-1166 in: Bresinsky et al. (eds) Strasburger's plant sciences. Springer Berlin Heidelberg p.1066 figure 12.1
Comments P.1066 caption of figure 12.1: "Energy balance of a leaf. Of the global radiation (G) reaching the leaf surface, part is reflected (R), part reradiated (IR), and a very small part is used in photochemistry (Ph). The remaining part, representing the largest portion of incident radiation, is the radiation balance (S), that is, the energy lost by the leaf (since its mass is too small to store any significant quantity of energy). Depending on the available water supply, this energy loss may take place via evaporative cooling (transpiration, Tr-latent heat flux) or via convective heat loss (K, sensible heat flux) to the air. Transmission of radiation (T) is generally less than 1% of S."
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