Effects of acetaldehyde and acetic acid on the fatty acid composition

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Ingram LO. Adaptation of membrane lipids to alcohols. J Bacteriol. 1976 Feb125(2):670-8. p.675 table 5PubMed ID1107328
Method "To further explore the possibility that the ethanol effect on membrane composition may be related to an increased availability of a readily oxidizable substrate or of two-carbon compounds for fatty acid elongation (increased 18-carbon fatty acid abundance), [researchers] examined the effects of two likely products of ethanol (Table 5). Both acetaldehyde and acetate caused changes very different from those induced by ethanol. Acetaldehyde caused changes different from those induced by any alcohol. Increasing concentrations of acetate caused a shift from 16:1 to 18:1. Such a shift could be a result of increased availability of two-carbon fragments for fatty acid elongation."
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