Growth enhancements in response to elevated CO2 reported in different reviews

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Organism Plants
Reference Kirschbaum MUF (2011) Does enhanced photosynthesis enhance growth? Lessons learned from CO2 enrichment studies. Plant Physiol 155: 117–24 p.121 table IIPubMed ID21088226
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Comments "A large number of research papers have summarized biomass enhancement ratios due to growing plants in elevated CO2 (Table II). Biomass enhancement ratios are numerically similar to initial photosynthetic responses. Enhancement ratios are generally less for slow-growing than for fast-growing plants, less for unfertilized than for fertilized plants, less for plants grown at low temperatures, but similar for herbaceous and woody species. CO2 responses reported for single-plant studies generally showed much greater responses than studies where plants were grown in entire swards (Table II). Biomass enhancement ratios for single plants were numerically also much greater than the enhancement in relative growth rates (compare with Table II Fig. 3)."
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