Permeability coefficients (Pm) for various nonelectrolyte solutes across egg lecithin bilayer membranes at 25˚C

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Reference Xiang TX, Anderson BD. The relationship between permeant size and permeability in lipid bilayer membranes. J Membr Biol. 1994 Jun140(2):111-22. p.115 table 2PubMed ID7932645
Method "Molecular volume calculated by the atomic increment method (Edward, J.T. 1970. Molecular volumes and the Stokes-Einstein equation. J. Chem. Ed. 47: 261-270)."
Comments "The permeability coefficients obtained in this work, listed in Table 2, vary by a factor of 10^7. Estimates of upper limits for the permeability coefficients of ddI and ddG were determined from the known sensitivity of the assay and our failure to detect transported ddI and ddG."
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