Variation in cell cycle phase durations in the small intestinal crypts of mouse and rat

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Organism Rodent
Reference Nicholas A. Wright, Malcolm Alison, The biology of epithelial cell populations, Volume 2 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1984 p.653 table 18.4
Primary Source Gilbert CW. The labelled mitoses curve and the estimation of the parameters of the cell cycle. Cell Tissue Kinet. 1972 Jan5(1):53-63.PubMed ID5016179
Comments See notes below table. For abbreviations in top row of table and paragraph below see - tinyurl link . "Measurements using the metaphase arrest method are largely in agreement, even though information about the growth fraction must be forthcoming thus Tannock (1967), with an IP value calculated from Cairnie et al. (1965a) obtained a mean cell cycle time of 11±1 hour for the same August rats, and Wright et al. (1972b), also using vincristine, reported 10.5 hours for the rat jejunum, both using the general expression TC=1/R, where R=rM/Ip. On the other hand, Tutton (1973a), with a metaphase arrest value for TC of 26 hours for the bottom 10 cell positions in the rat crypt column, argued that this was consistent with the FLM data showing TC to be longer in the crypt base (table 18.4) however, Al Dewachi et al. (1974) could not confirm that, taken together, TC for the bottom 10 cell positions in the rat jejunal crypt was as long as this. In the mouse, the whole crypt TC, calculated from vincristine metaphase-arrest data, is 11.8 hours, in good agreement with the FLM data (Al-Dewachi et al., 1975b table 18.3 BNID 110525)."
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