Mean intestinal pH

Range <5.2 in the mouse: <6.6 in the rat unitless
Organism Rodent
Reference McConnell EL, Basit AW, Murdan S. Measurements of rat and mouse gastrointestinal pH, fluid and lymphoid tissue, and implications for in-vivo experiments. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2008 Jan60(1):63-70. AbstractPubMed ID18088506
Method "The contents of each gastrointestinal section were removed, mixed and the pH was determined using a pre-calibrated pH 211 Microprocessor pH Meter (Hanna Instruments)."
Comments "The mean intestinal pH [of mouse & rat] was lower than that in man (<pH 5.2 in the mouse <pH 6.6 in the rat). This brings into question the use of rodents in investigations on enteric-coated drug carriers targeted to the large intestine/distal gut."
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