Gap-junctional permeability ratio

Range 1 K+: 0.8 Na+: 0.6 Cl- Unitless
Organism Unspecified
Reference Jacobsen JC, Aalkjaer C, Nilsson H, Matchkov VV, Freiberg J, Holstein-Rathlou NH. A model of smooth muscle cell synchronization in the arterial wall. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2007 Jul293(1):H229-37. p.H230 right column top paragraphPubMed ID17369467
Primary Source Veenstra RD, Wang HZ, Beblo DA, Chilton MG, Harris AL, Beyer EC, Brink PR. Selectivity of connexin-specific gap junctions does not correlate with channel conductance. Circ Res. 1995 Dec77(6):1156-65.PubMed ID7586229
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