Relative static permittivity (dielectric constant) of membrane interior (lipids)

Range 2-4 Unitless
Organism constants
Reference Stein, Wilfred D., Channels, carriers and pumps An introduction to Membrane Transport, 1990 Academic press inc. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, APPENDIX 2 – Fundamental Constants, Conversion Factors, and Some Useful Approximations p.313
Comments The relative static permittivity (or static relative permittivity) of a material under given conditions is a measure of the extent to which it concentrates electrostatic lines of flux. It is the ratio of the amount of stored electrical energy when a potential is applied, relative to the permittivity of a vacuum. The relative static permittivity is the same as the relative permittivity evaluated for a frequency of zero. Value changes with temperature. This value for ~293 Kelvin
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