Ratio between malate vacuolar concentration at end of day and malate concentration at end of night

Value 3.5 Unitless
Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Gerhardt R, Heldt HW. Measurement of Subcellular Metabolite Levels in Leaves by Fractionation of Freeze-Stopped Material in Nonaqueous Media. Plant Physiol. 1984 Jul75(3):pp. 545 Table IPubMed ID16663663
Method Freeze Stop, Homogenization, and Fractionation of the Tissue.
Comments Subcellular Metabolite Level in Spinach Leaves Grown in a 9-h Light / 15-h Dark Cycle. Malate concentration after 9 hour illumination 6300 mM. Malate concentration after 15 hour darkness 1800 mM
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