Diameter of large nerve terminal in calyx of Held

Range ~15 μm
Organism Mammals
Reference Sudhof TC. The synaptic vesicle cycle. Annu Rev Neurosci. 2004 27: 509-47. p.511 bottom paragraphPubMed ID15217342
Comments "The best physiological description of how an action potential induces phasic, synchronous neurotransmitter release was obtained for the synapse formed by the calyx of Held, the only synapse for which models are available that accurately account for all properties of release (reviewed in Meinrenken et al. 2003). The calyx of Held forms a large nerve terminal (~15 µm diameter) that envelops the soma of the postsynaptic neuron like a cup, hence its name." Wiki-"The Calyx of Held is a particularly large synapse in the mammalian auditory central nervous system".
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